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How to Build a DIY Central Air System for Your Aquarium Fish Room

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Owning a fish room full of aquariums is the dream of many fish keepers. However, it can be hard to find exact instructions on how to build one since everything is so customizable and cannot be purchased ready-made from the store. One of the main milestones of setting up the fish room is installing a […]

How to Improve Water Circulation on Aquarium Sponge Filters

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Sponge filters are one of the most popular types of aquarium filtration, frequently used by fishkeeping veterans, wholesalers, and fish farms who breed millions of ornamental fish. Not only are they simple to use and easy to clean, but they are extremely reliable since they have very few mechanical parts. Plus, sponge filters are gentle […]

When Should I Dose Potassium in My Planted Aquarium?

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Just as your fish need to have a healthy diet and clean water to grow big and beautiful, plants also require a special “diet” of lighting and nutrients to thrive. To have the proper building blocks needed to grow well, they need large amounts of macronutrients (like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus) and trace amounts of […]